1. Liability

  • After-Sales Service is one of our major commitments. However, as distributors, we are subject to and formally apply the manufacturers' take-back conditions.
  • The product warranty is sometimes managed by UTOPYA and sometimes directly by the manufacturer. The information is given on the sheet of each item, as is the duration of the guarantee.

2. Products purchased by mistake

  • Products ordered by mistake (bad diagnosis, customer not having come to carry out the repair, reference error, etc.) can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase provided that the product is still distributed on UTOPYA . After this period, they cannot be taken back under any circumstances.
  • The return request must be made via the usual after-sales section. It is essential to specify reason of the return purchase made by mistake.
  • The products must be in perfect condition and must never have been used. In addition, the outer packaging must also be perfectly new and free of any writing, prices, labels, etc.
  • Any return of a functional product (purchase made by mistake) via a standard warranty procedure will be refused and processing costs will be charged up to a minimum of €20 excluding tax.

3. General procedure

  • A return of part must be preceded by a creation of return via your customer account, the latter must then be signed by the manager of the company. Any return of goods made without a form or with a manually completed form cannot be processed by our services.
  • If the parts received do not strictly comply with the form (missing part, bad reference, etc.), the complete processing of the return is immediately suspended while waiting for additional information from the customer.
  • The warranty stickers or stamps on the spare parts must not be removed or damaged under any circumstances. A part cannot be taken back under warranty if it does not include the initial warranty sticker.
  • The risks relating to the delivery of the after-sales package are the responsibility of the customer. It is mandatory to use a means of transport with delivery against signature. We reserve the right to refuse any parcel delivered by a carrier without prior signature (colissimo, letter max etc).
  • Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
  • The processing time is a maximum of 5 working days after receipt of the package. This period may be extended in the event of exceptional events: service holidays, peak activity, absence of one or more people from the dedicated team, etc.
  • The retained value of the product will be that of the date of issue of the credit note (and not that of the initial purchase) in order to allow the customer to recommend the same product directly.

4. Defect management

  • We strongly recommend requesting the return of parts not included in the return form. If this box is not checked, the return of the parts can no longer be requested after processing.
  • Any complaint will be made within 5 working days after the processing of the guarantee package. After this period, the parts not taken back will be destroyed and no complaint can be studied.
  • Any anomaly package (RMA not created or non-compliant) will be kept for a period of 20 working days. After this period, the parts will be automatically destroyed and cannot be the subject of any support whatsoever.

5. Warranty of spare parts

  • Spare parts with a manufacturing defect must be returned in perfect condition and show no scratches or traces of any use (in particular glue or adhesive). The front and back films must be present especially on the screens.
  • The duration of the warranty for our spare parts depends on the agreements we have with the various manufacturers. The latter is specified on the purchase invoices as well as on all the product sheets.
  • A spare part (generic or original) loses its manufacturer's warranty as soon as it is installed on the end customer's device. It is therefore essential to test the screen well before removing the front and back adhesives.
  • No screen can be taken back under warranty under the manufacturer's warranty if it presents any case of damage (LCD or glass).

6. Return to Manufacturer

  • Warranties applying on certain products are managed directly by the manufacturers. Details of the warranty are provided on all product sheets and on the invoice.
  • The end customer must contact the after-sales service of the brand and the product must be returned under the conditions defined by the brand.
  • Under no circumstances is UTOPYA, as a distributor, authorised to act as a substitute for the manufacturer for exchanging or reimbursing a product covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

7. Preowned Laptops Return

  • The duration of any warranty on Preowned laptops is indicated on the purchase invoice. It starts from the date of purchase on UTOPYA and not from the date of resale to the end customer.
  • Once opened, a device is no longer covered by the warranty, even if the damage is not directly linked to the opening of the device.
  • Before returning the laptop under warranty, ensure that all data is backed up. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of data during the repair or replacement of the laptop.
  • The battery is not covered by the warranty, except in the case of a malfunction detected during unpacking a few days after delivery.
  • The charger is not covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty is handled directly by a special department whose address will be communicated to you via our Support Service. Products must never be returned to the usual address.
  • The device must be protected with particular care. Any damage during transport will invalidate the warranty.
  • Return costs are at the customer's expense. If the malfunction and the device are indeed eligible for warranty, we will return the device within 72 working hours at our expense directly to the address shown on the after-sales service form (SAV). If the product cannot be repaired, a standard exchange will be made.

8. Preowned Mobiles Return

  • Preowned devices are second-hand devices that may have faults described on the title of each product.
  • Buyers must check the device within 48 hours of delivery. After this time, the device is deemed to have been received as in the condition announced.
  • UTOPYA cannot be held responsible in the event of operator blocking (blacklist) occurring more than 30 days after the sale date of the device.